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Our Team

Rev. Wayne McArdle 


W and R.HEIC

Before entering the ministry, Wayne worked as a lawyer for approximately 20 years, operating his own legal practice. Prior to coming to Gisborne, Wayne was an assistant minister with the Scott's Church in Drouin. He is married to Ruth.

St Andrew's Kirk Session

The Kirk Session consists of the Moderator of the Parish plus elected and ordained elders of the Congregation. Its role is the oversight in relation to all things, but particularly to Spiritual matters. 

Elder Dr. Noel Johnston Session Clerk

Elder Dr. Bruce Ellis JP

Noel has been an elder for 51 years at Gisborne, Surrey Hills and Reservoir. He served as the convenor of the Australian Presbyterian World Victoria  Committee.  He worked in research as a veterinarian for over 40 years before retiring in 2014. He is married to Joy.  

Bruce has been an elder in the PCV for over 25 years at Melton and Gisborne.  He has served on the Ministry Development Committee and currently serves on the St Andrews Foundation. Bruce is still gainfully engaged as a chiropractor in his business with Marsha and loves scuba diving, photography and scouts. 

Elder Peter Jellis

Elder Adrian Guillot

Peter has been an elder for 28 years. He has served at Melton and Gisborne and Brimbank and Essendon as an assessor. He worked in the chemical industry and graphic arts industry for 42 years in various roles. He is married to Glenyce.

Adrian has recently become an elder in 2022 at Gisborne. He has been on full-time staff at the Mill Valley Ranch for 15 years as their chief mechanic. He was CEO at the Melton Baptist Church as a counsellor. He was an engineer over a 31-year period. He is the secretary of the Stream Train Historical Society and is married to Heather. 

Board of Management

The Board of Management includes our pastor, and elders as permanent members but also includes congregational members and adherent members to serve  in looking after the property and finances of the property. Below and beginning from the top left are: Jonathan (treasurer), Heather (secretary), Greg, Ian, Neil, and Madeleine. 

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