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What to expect at church when you visit with us

You can expect to be warmly greeted by our welcomers. You will hear some prayers and some bible readings. You will be asked to stand if you are able to sing some songs or hymns.  We generally have a mixture of hymns and contemporary music. You will also hear a message from our pastor from the bible. After the service, in the hall behind the church, there is time for an opportunity to catch up, have a cuppa and perhaps a biscuit.   

Donation Center

Church Meetings 

Melbourne West Presbytery meets every third Wednesday in the month from 7:15 in appointed churches in the Presbytery. 

The Kirk Session meets monthly on the first Wednesday of each month in the hall from 10 am. 

The Board of Management meets monthly in the hall on the second Monday of each month from 7:30pm. 

The Church Prayer Group meets weekly on Sundays at the hall from 9am. 

The Mission's Committee meeting every second month in the hall on the second Sunday in the month from 2pm. 

How you can serve

At St Andrews there are many ways in which we can show love by serving each other. These are some of the ways you might choose to serve:

  • in the kitchen for morning tea

  • as Sunday school teacher or assistant

  • reading the bible in worship service

  • children's talks

  • in technical and sound area

  • Board of Management

  • cleaning church and hall 

  • admin and office with newsletter

  • part of the music team

  • welcoming people at the door

  • helping in the creche

  • assisting with the youth group 

  • joining one of our diaconate teams

Connect Bible Studies

Each week St Andrews has bible studies and other activities you might be interested in connecting with in order to grow in faith and to develop relationships with one another.

  • Monday Morning weekly bible study at the Manse from 10am til noon.

  • Tuesday Morning weekly at Joy's home for ladies in Kyneton from 10am til noon.

  • Tuesday evening fortnightly at Noel's home in Kyneton for men from 7pm -9pm.

  • Wednesday evenings from 7:30pm by zoom with Adrian Guillot. 

  • Wednesday alternative weeks for men and ladies at the Manse from 7pm - 9pm. (Ladies meet on the 1st and 3rd Weds and Men on the 2nd and 4th Weds) 
    Craft Group Every second Thursday in the church hall from 11am - 2pm. 

    Preaching Group at the hall every second Saturday with the pastor. 

    KYB - every Monday in the hall from 1pm - 3pm. (KYB is not a church group but a non-denominational organisation supported by the church) 

Communion and Baptism 

St Andrew's takes seriously the work of the gospel and the commands of the Lord Jesus Christ by regularly practising the sacraments of the church. 


St Andrew's recognises that the church ought to regularly conduct holy communion as Christ has directed the church to do so. 

Therefore, Session has agreed to conduct communion on the first Sunday of each alternative month.  Months where Communion is observed are February, April, June, August, October, & December. 

We would encourage all to come and join us in our short courses on communion. 


St Andrew as a Reformed Church and committed to the Scriptures recognises that the Lord Jesus Commanded the church to baptise the nations in accord with Matthew 28:18-20. 

We believe that baptism is to be administered to those who are believers and to their children. We therefore practice biblical baptism of children. 

The elders of our Session according to their promises to the church will encourage parents to baptise their infants. 

We would encourage everyone to attend our short courses on baptism. 


Our Youth Meets on the third Friday of each month in the hall to talk about Jesus and have fun getting to know each other and participate in a variety of activities. 

It goes from 7pm - 9pm and supper is provided. 

We also have a youth service at the church once a month on the final Sunday in the month at 5 pm with dinner provided afterwards. 

Kid's Ministry

St Andrews values and appreciates children. We like to include them in as many ways as possible. During our church service we often have kid's talks. 

We also plan to run a Sunday school from 9:am to 9:45 each Sunday in the final term of the year. Ages from young to about 14 are welcome. 

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